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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mango Cheesecake

This is one of my favorite fruits season... yes yummy MANGOES :) A dessert with mangoes will always be my first pick in any buffet. I got this recipe from my cousin sister. This is a very easy and yummy recipe. Doesn't require any cooking. Just mixing and setting.

Ingredients: (10 servings)

1. Cottage cheese or grated paneer - 200 gm
2. Condensed milk - 400 gm
3. Gelatin - 4 tsp
4. Water - 75 ml
5. Fresh ripe mango mashed or cut into tiny pieces - 400 gm
6. Fresh cream - 100 gm
7. Mango essence - 1 tsp (optional)


1. Choose a serving dish to set the cheesecake, fill the dish with water and keep it in refrigerator. Allow the dish to get chilled.
2. Combine cottage cheese, condensed milk, mango pulp, fresh cream and essence in a bowl. Mix it with hand or a hand mixer to combine all ingredients. Do not grind the mixture, as the small pieces of mango gives a good texture and adds to the taste. Keep this aside.
3. Heat some water in a pan. Keep a small bowl in that pan. Add the gelatin and 75 ml of water to the small bowl and mix well till gelatin gets dissolved. This is called double boiling method.
4. Add the gelatin liquid to the mango mixture and mix thoroughly.
5. Take the chilled dish from the refrigerator, throw away the water. Pour the cheesecake mixture and set it in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
6. Once the cheesecake is set, it is ready to serve.


* I used Agar- agar instead of Gelatin to set the cheesecake, as I could not get Vegetarian Gelatin.
* Soak a cup of agar-agar in water for 30 minutes, drain it and boil it in 200 ml of water till the agar-agar gets dissolved completely.
* When using agar-agar, grind the cheesecake mixture ( except mango) in pulse mode along with agar-agar mixture in the blender/mixie a couple of times. then add the tiny mango pieces.
* Then pour this in the dish to set it in the refrigerator the same way.


  1. yummy and new recipe to me .. will try some time .....

  2. perfect recipe with lovely presentation..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  3. Hello,
    I loved the presentation.. dish looks very delicious.

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