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Tuesday, August 16, 2011



1. Maida or All purpose flour - 250 gms
2. Melted Butter or Ghee or Dalda     - 50 gms
3. Baking powder - 1/4 tspn
4. Baking soda - a pinch
5. Curd - 100 gms
6. Sugar - 250 gms
7. Elachi powder - a pinch (optional)


1. Mix maida and baking powder well.
2. Add butter or ghee or dalda and mix well with the flour.
3. Add curd and knead the dough very lightly. Do not knead like chappathi dough. Just try to     bring the flour together and press slightly. It should be like crumbles not a single ball.
4. Keep aside for 30 mins.
5. Now try to form the crumbles to a single ball by bringing it together. Do not knead too much. If you do so, gluten forms and badushas will become hard. 
6. Make small balls with ur hand by pressing the dough in a circular motion between your palms. Flatten it and press it slightly in the center with ur thumb to make a dent. 
7. The badushas should have rough edges. Only then it will come out soft. 
8. Heat oil in round pan. The oil should be medium hot. 
9. Fry the badushas in medium flame till it becomes light brown on both sides. Keep the fried badushas aside.
10. Now pour just 1/2 glass of water to the sugar in another vessel and dissolve the sugar. Add elachi powder. Heat the sugar syrup till u get one string consistency. When u take the sugar syrup between ur 2 fingers and touch and pull,  you should get one string. 
11. Soak the Badushas in the syrup for 3 to 4 minutes and remove them. 
12. Serve after 1 hour.

As you see in the picture, the edges are rough. This happens only when you don't knead the dough too much. Just try to bring the flour together. 

This recipe is very easy. Just takes 1 hour including the waiting time for the dough to prepare it. It just looks like there are lots of steps. But if you do it once, you will know how easy it is. I made these for Festivals and gave them to my friends. They all loved it. Make the syrup after you have finished frying the badushas. Else it starts to thicken. Try and let me know the results.

Sending this recipe to the "Serve It - Fried" event hosted by Krithi and also by Denny.